Through The Decades

Virtual event manager
Music decade questions
Set challenges
Tech support
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This virtual event will see your teams travel through the decades from the comfort of your own home. Starting in 1900, we will work our way through the decades. The aim is to get through the challenges as quick as you can, in a race against your other teams and time! Who will dash through the decades first and be declared the winners?


Each person taking part in the activity will receive a link via email to a meeting on Zoom (or other online platform). Once logged on, we will allocate people into their teams and brief the group on the activity. All teams are setting off from the decade of 1900 and to move on from each country, teams must complete a series of questions and set challenges. For example questions can be around the decade knowledge and challenges will vary from finding items in your teams houses to performing tasks. Teams will receive points for the questions they answer as well as the tasks they complete. Each team will be assigned a separate break out room where they'll be able to talk to each other about the challenges and confer on answers; before teams send across their answers and challenges through our platform and email.

It is a race against the other teams! The first team to make it through the decades the quickest will win the bonus points, however it's all to play for as you'll decide in your teams to retrieve bonus points for team challenges or leave these and continue the journey. The team with the most points will be crowned the winners!


Minimum People
8 (smaller groups prices will be based on the minimum)
Useful Info
A facilitation fixed fee with apply for event
Event to be hosted through Zoom or other web based platform
A laptop or device with sound and a camera in order to join a video conference
A good internet connection
Important Info
A facilitation fixed fee with apply for event
Start Times
Mon to Sun 10:00 - 18:00
1 hours



Through The Decades

  • Virtual event manager
  • Music decade questions
  • Set challenges
  • Tech support
Gold Rush Horse CartGold Rush Horse Cart

Gold Rush Race

  • Experienced host to run the activity
  • Team State Masters
  • Full set up and management of the activity
  • Prizes for the winning team
Hacking, cyber crimeHacking, cyber crime

The Hacker

  • Find hidden messages in texts
  • Watch videos for clues
  • Go online and find items to complete some of the challenges
  • Take photos and screenshots
  • Solve fun trivia
Horses running at ascot racecourseHorses running at ascot racecourse

Virtual Horse Racing

  • 1 hour virtual horse racing experience
  • 6 races
  • Virtual bookie/host
  • Tech and support staff
Bingo Balls and Table StandBingo Balls and Table Stand

Virtual Musical Bingo

  • 1st, 2nd 3rd grand prizes
  • PDF Bingo cards (with options to bespoke to company brand)
  • Professional compere
  • Private virtual room for team bingo game
  • DJ and choice of musical genres
Filming Camera GirlFilming Camera Girl

Motivational Kick Off

  • Inter-team messaging
  • Feedback and data capture
  • Photo & video challenges
  • Multimedia challenges
  • Live scoreboard

The Team Social Quiz

  • Inter-team messaging
  • Feedback and data capture
  • Photo & video challenges
  • Multimedia challenges
  • Live scoreboard
Escape rooms prison break lock jailEscape rooms prison break lock jail

The Virtual Escape Room

  • Individual team rooms
  • Innovative challenges and codes
  • Event facilitator per team

The Quiz

  • PDF Quiz card
  • Charismatic event host
  • Live leaderboard
Horse racing 5Horse racing 5

Virtual At The Races

  • Virtual event manager
  • Host (bookie)
  • Tech Support
Zoom CallZoom Call

Virtual Away Day

  • Virtual event manager
  • Team problem solving challenges
  • Tech support
Bear Grylls survival trainningBear Grylls survival trainning

Virtual Bear Grylls Survival

  • Virtual survival expert
  • Theme task and challenges
  • Quiz - live questions and pre-recorded video reels
  • Tech support
Group enjoying wine tasting classGroup enjoying wine tasting class

Virtual Best Of British

  • Tasting box of 2 wines, 2 whiskey and one gin in 50ml bottles plus 350ml bottle of beer
  • All ingredients delivered with personalised welcome note and instructions
  • A guided 1 to 1.5 hour tasting with a professional and engaging expert
  • How to taste introduction/refresher
  • Quiz rounds & tasting games
  • Packing & shipping costs by overnight courier per address within the UK
  • Tech support
A group enjoying cocktail makingA group enjoying cocktail making

Virtual Cocktail Workshop

  • Virtual event host
  • Christmas Cocktail Gift Box delivered to each participant
  • Each box includes premium spirits, fresh citrus, quality cocktail equipment, glassware and recipe ca
  • Personalised welcome letter and instructions for the day
  • Create and drink 3 christmas themed cocktails
  • Tech and support staff
cookery classcookery class

Virtual Cookery Workshop

  • Virtual event manager
  • Professional chef
  • Each participant will receive a hamper delivery full of delicious ingredients
  • Personalised welcome note and instructions and other goodies.
  • All ingredients are personalised to the menu and dietary requirements.
  • Prize of the winner
  • Tech and support staff

Virtual Crime Scene Investigation

  • Virtual event manager
  • Instructions and briefing
  • 3D crime scene
  • Problem solving team challenge
  • Tech support
European TourEuropean Tour

Virtual European Tour

  • Experienced host to run the activity
  • Green screen background
  • Team Country Masters
  • Full set up and management of the activity
  • E-certificate for the winning team
Crime Scene Gun Mystery Murder StockCrime Scene Gun Mystery Murder Stock

Virtual Murder Mystery

  • Virtual event manager
  • Briefing of the crime
  • A series of witness cards and clues
  • Tech and support staff
A group of guys enjoying a pintA group of guys enjoying a pint

Virtual Pub Crawl Challenge

  • Virtual event manager
  • A series a of questions and challenges to complete within a set time limit
  • Tech and support staff
Climb The ladder To SuccessClimb The ladder To Success

Virtual: The Ladder Of Success

  • Experienced host to run the activity
  • Event and Tech team for full support and running of your even
  • Full set up and management of the activity
  • Prizes for the winning teams
Zoom CallZoom Call

Who Do You Think You Are?

  • Inter-team messaging and breakout rooms specific to each team
  • Interactive host per team (communicate via video call)
  • Live scoreboard