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What is a CVA ?

The key questions on a CVA simplified

-------------------- UPDATE -----------------------

We are please to advise that we have successfully passed our CVA, which has allowed us to restructure as a result of the COVID crisis, and look forward to continuing to provide many more thousands of customers with events over the years ahead.

We would like to thank everyone atKSA Groupfor all their help in navigating us through such a challenging time and helping us to enter into a successful CVA. Have a look at theirwebsite for further CVA help and information.

------------------ END UPDATE ----------------

Dear Customer

We are getting a lot of questions about what a CVA (Company Voluntary Arrangement) is, so I thought I’d try to clarify exactly what this means:

What is a CVA?

A CVA does not mean 'you're going bust', or 'you're going into administration', or 'you're going to cease trading' - or any other many other terms that mean the end of a company.

It is a legal process for agreeing with the people you owe money to on how to repay the money, often over a slightly longer payment term.

We are committed to paying back all creditors 100%

How does this affect our customers?

If you have a future event booked with us it doesn’t affect you at all. We intend and are able to deliver all future events.

If you had an event cancelled because of the Covid crisis and are holding an RCN, we still intend to pay back every single penny. There will be and I apologise for this, a delay until after the CVA meeting. We hoped to have this all sorted out by the 31st July but were unable to do so.

Why a CVA?

It is largely to come to an agreement with our landlord and the HMRC, on how we can repay the money we owe to them as a result of not being able to trade throughout the Covid crisis. We intend to pay them back 100p in the pound but over time.

Why can customers vote on it?

As a customer you are technically a creditor, even though we are going to either deliver your event or refund you and so you are entitled to vote if you would like to..

Who else has done a CVA?

Some of the companies that have gone through CVA's recently as a result of the Covid crisis or are looking at going into them are Travelodge, Pizza Express, Monsoon, Arcadia, Itsu, Byron and many more.

Does ABTA know about this?

Yes we have worked very closely with ABTA through this whole process and we constantly keep them informed of proceedings.

I hope that answers some of your key questions and we can look forward to delivering events now we are emerging from lockdown.

Kind Regards

James Baddiley CEO